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Amanda Read - Englisch, Business Englisch, Wirtschaft EnglischHaving taught Business English for the last six years in Vienna, I’ve been able to learn and adjust my teaching style to the needs of my students. Not everyone learns in the same way, and therefore I aim to incorporate different modes of teaching—from reading, writing and role playing to presentations, email and memo writing and more. But the main tool I use, and what most of my students prefer, is conversation. I attempt to keep the Teacher Talking Time (TTT) to a minimum while allowing for more Student Talking Time, or STT. (Of course, this is more easily done when students have a higher level of English.) Students can then practice their language skills, with a gentle nudge/ correction from me.
Learning a language is easier if it is fun. So my goal is to make the class enjoyable, informative and useful in the real world by using authentic materials and discussing real-life situations. We discuss current business or social events, as well as actual work situations. These all add to my students’ understanding of this living, breathing language. One of my most successful classes is a lesson on small talk, where students learn about the three ‘do not discuss’ topics, as well as topics that are acceptable and appropriate, and then they do a role play discussing small talk for 10 to 15 minutes (which can seem like an eternity when you are searching for things to discuss with a stranger!).
I always suggest that students continue their learning outside of class time, such as by listening to music, watching shows or movies in English, and reading newspapers / online articles. Like any language, English must be used and practiced in order to retain it and to use it in real-life situations.



  • December 2014 – Present
  • English Trainer for Inlingua -- Vienna
  • Teach Business English and communication skills to adults. Conduct and prepare classes and seminars for various class sizes, from one-on-ones up to 8 students.
  • December 2012 – Present
  • Proofreader /Translator / English Trainer for Huttar gmbh -- Vienna
  • Proofread and / or translate documents mostly for real estate clients.
  • November 2010 – December 2013
  • English Trainer for Educom; accelingua-- Vienna
  • Taught English as a Foreign Language and intercultural communication skills to a diverse group of adults. Conducted and prepared classes and seminars for various class sizes, from one-on-ones up to 15 students.
  • September 2005 – May 2008
  • Copywriter and Editor for Grand Circle Travel; Boston
  • Responsible for writing and producing catalogs, articles, external and internal communications, and print ads. Researched and wrote content for web pages, email marketing initiatives. Copyedited my peers’ work as well.

Professional experience

  • April 2004 – September 2005
  • Editor for Boston Event Guide; Needham, MA
  • Responsibilities: Writing, editing, and producing a glossy magazine with circulation of 50,000+.
  • Nov 2002 - Mar 2004
  • Public Communications Associate, Content Team for First Church of Christ, Scientist; Boston & Berlin
  • Assisted executive producer of international conferences and presentations. Wrote and edited internal and external communications documents.
  • July 1999 – Sept 2002
  • PR Associate for Rasky /Baerlein Group; Deputy Press Secretary for Gubernatorial Candidate, Boston
  • Wrote press releases and communications materials for a diverse clientele. Managed and trained small team of interns. Responsibilities: Writing press releases, media advisories, op-eds, and letters to the editor.


  • Siena College Loudonville, NY; graduated January 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in English; Semester abroad in London


  • December 2014 – Present
  • Knowledge of Language: English (Mother tongue); German (Intermediate B1 level); Spanish (a little)
  • Computer Skills: Excellent with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • International Experience: Have worked effectively with people of different national and cultural backgrounds

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