Jaque Grinberg, MMAG.

Meine Philosophie

Englisch Trainer aus Australien in Wien

Jaque Grinberg - Englisch, Business Englisch, Wirtschaft Englisch"As a lawyer, speechwriter and proofreader, I believe in learning by doing. This means concentrating on meeting your communication goals - an effective presentation to colleagues and external partners, confidently delivered; a well-drafted letter or email that expresses exactly what you want to say; instantly recalled English for negotiations, and the right language at your finger tips for the important meetings you attend. I specialize in legal and financial communication, including presentations of annual reports and investor meetings.
The key challenge for many of my Austrian learners is not so much to learn new vocabulary but to move what they already know from their hard drives to the desktop for easy access. This often also involves refreshing grammar and updating vocabulary.
My method is to use authentic materials - company documents, financial and political articles from serious media (Economist, NYT, WSJ) on which to base discussion and broaden vocabulary, as well as specialist materials on presentations, speeches, negotiations and meetings. For group lessons I believe in role-plays and simulations.
Based on my experience in managing large multinational organizations, the English I teach is international - designed to enable Werner to talk to talk to Ivan, Zlatko, Wojtek, Chuck, Nguyen, Wang, Phoebe, Maria, Juanita and Pierre in language they can easily understand."


English for Lawyers and Finance professionals

Jaque Grinberg - Englisch, Business Englisch, Wirtschaft Englisch, Legal and Business English trainerMr. Grinberg is a specialised Legal and Business English trainer based in Vienna. His clients are generally public and private sector lawyers, executives and financial and banking personnel. Since 2008, he has prepared over 100 candidates for the Cambridge Business English and Legal English Certificates, with excellent results, as well as teaching legal and business English in private companies and public organisations such as Gebauer and Griller Cable Works, Erste Bank, the Austrian Labour Service (AMS), FMA, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, Siemens Legal Department and several legal firms, as well as proofreading for the European Space Policy Institute. He brings to his teaching his personal experience in heading large departments and his professional and academic expertise in international economics, law and trade policy.


  • B.A. (Hons) in English and Politics - Melbourne University
  • Bachelor of Law with Honours - Melbourne University
  • Master of International Law - Australian National University
  • Cambridge English Training Certificate - BFI Vienna
  • Languages: French, German, Vietnamese, Spanish, Serbo-Croat, Polish


  • International Business, Law and Management
  • Business Studies and Business and Legal English
  • Negotiations, Recruitment and Job Interviews
  • Speechwriting and Presentations
  • Academic and Professional Business Editing


  • 2008 - English Lecturer and Trainer in Business and Legal Studies, Vienna.
  • 2005-07 Businessman, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1993-2005 United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations
  • Chief of Staff, Kinshasa, D.R. Congo,
  • Head of Civil/Political Affairs, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Speechwriter to Mohammed El Baradei (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate), IAEA
  • Political Advisor to Kofi Annan (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)
  • Head of Political Affairs, Analysis and Assessment, UN Croatia
  • 1979-93 Diplomat, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Director of Policy Planning, Canberra, Australia
  • Regional Director, Melbourne, Australia
  • Head of UN Economic Agencies and APEC Section
  • Deputy High Commissioner, Lagos, Nigeria; First Secretary, Washington DC, USA; Second Secretary Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 1978 Admission as Barrister and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Victoria
  • 1974-76 Teaching Fellow, Economics & Politics Dept., Monash University

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